Friday, February 4, 2011

@MASHHALL Love Family Presents @DontTalkToThe Cops! - Regular Show

Look out for this to be on iTunes soon! Otherwise you can catch a glimpse of Don't Talk To The Cops at Moe Bar on Sunday, February 13th. At that show they'll have "the CD single on deck along with a limited edition zine."

Another bad creation from the mind of world-famous (@ least to the global community of bboys & bgirls that rabidly covet his mixes) djblesOne; from hardcore bboy breaks to vintage chi-town hip-house to contemporary club smangers and airthing in between, DON'T TALK TO THE COPS is Bles flexing the dance styles he's become acquainted with in his 15+ years of DJing and moving butts—with his trademark heavy pour of random juvenalia. Regular Show is produced entirely by djblesOne and Emecks, with guest shots from Canary Sing's Hollis and Mash Hall's Ronnie Voice and El Mizell.