Monday, February 14, 2011

@MaliceSweet & @MarioSweet - Happy 2 Year EP

Get ready to take a private journey aboard a music fueled spaceship to a place with no borders, rules, or sorrows. Malice and Mario Sweet have chartered a direct flight to a musical celebration for the open-minded lover in all of us.

Several genres are visited throughout this commemorative EP while upbeat, soulful and tangible love rings through each melodic twist and turn. This married duo have no other intention but to channel your inner musician and help you let it all go. Happy 2 Year.

1. Happy 2 Year - Produced by Jus D’ amato
2. Speed Of Light - Produced by Tall Black Guy
3. DateNite - Produced Kuddie Fresh
4. Malice - Produced by 10.4 Rog
5. Happiness feat. Choklate - Produced by Kuddie Fresh
6. Mario - Produced by Roy Ayers
7. Living Life feat. Geo (Blue Scholars) - Produced by Vitamin D.