Saturday, April 24, 2010

@TheGoodSin - Ready or Not - The Mixtape

The Good Sin is a Seattle native and burgeoning emcee looking to make his public and official debut with the release of his highly anticipated project “Ready or Not- The Mixtape”. “Ready or Not – The Mixtape” is a 22 song compilation detailing the maturation of a dedicated and journeyed emcee.

Since 2000, Sin has worked to perfect his craft of being a skilled wordsmith. From his humble beginnings, listening avidly to East Coast boom bap, to adding that bounce and classic west coast style from Cali, to his now more rounded style of a cultured emcee, Sin, has grown creatively, musically and lyrically. While searching for his comfort zone, Sin has made the metamorphosis from the typical NW underground enthusiast to the more experienced and affluent boy genius of Hip-hop. By adding the influences and the attitude of the more conscious emcees, Sin has matured into the artist that is now presented to you as “The Good Sin”. Sin has grown exponentially in his skill & efforts to become revered as one of the most talented and accomplished Hip-hop artist to come from the Seattle area to date.