Friday, January 15, 2010

Evergreen State of Mind Seattle Remix VIDEO

spotted on 206Proof

Seattle has its own anthem to counter Jay-Z's 'Empire State of Mind' called Evergreen State of Mind. Lyrics below.

Yeah were rolling up Ballard, ride by Queen Anne
Wave to my main man
Matthews and his rock band
Drive down I-5, holla back Huskies
Our teams
eatin so much, they call 'em husky

I used to mug at Shorewood drinkin
mad Americanos
way up there in Lynnwood, dodge Asian-Americanos
up a steamboat, ridin on the ducks blazed
Catch me in the bakery with
Douglas making cupcakes

Bussin through Denny, Nevermind the traffic
Ladies here got back so Broad, you'd think them plastic
This my stop in
CD, home of my boy Bruce Lee
used to break dem mofos and Kareem in movie
after movie

With Ryan on the Empire, Hanks on Alki
Pike Place the
right space for fish fly bys
Playa I be buzzed out, Sippin straight black
Tell by my plaid flannel, that i'm most definately from ...
Sea-Town, Emerald City where rain get played up
There's nothing but
green here

Now you're in Sea-Town
These trees will help you to
breath clear
Fresh air is here all year
Let's hear it for Sea-Town,
Sea-Town, Sea-Town

Catch me at the Safe with B.G. at an M's game
Junior made our team way more famous than an MC can
You should know I
bleed purple but i ain't a Yahoo!
I run Windows not crips, so I see blue

Clay molded the city and he brought em to their knees
Schultz sold
out Seattle and they locked the fuckin Key
And though they took our team KD,
Nick Collison
We still in Belltown with popped collars son

after the games, we'd eat @ Dick's with all the cats
Gotta message for
Howard, do the same without the @
Since I'm on the rap, and G Ell's on the
If Jay's paying D Wade, I'mma pay Aaron Brooks

My money's wide
like the Amazon, free shipping when they sell it
Like hendrix with the
hammer on, this Sound's psychodelic
Space Needle soaring, Kingdome is long
Long live King County, gem of the Nortwest thats ...


Sky is crying on folks we blind to
Pulling off the freeway,
pretending theres no time to
Find the kindness confined to the well-off and
Its the slightest of rights to be well-fed and healthy

Got a
spare coin, they like dimes not Nickels
Real Change is rare when youre livin
on a trickle
City so winded, its a sin that we dreaming,
While men on
the street sleep in ten under freezing

Cant make the bus fare, cant
fight the tide
Cant break the addiction, like a vice on their lives
Clearing tents in cities, its a scourge and
Seattle aint pretty, cant
stop the incursion

Stayed here for school, graduated to recession
Plant workers, engineers united in depression
Puffin on a Swisher, chase
it with a micro
Sleepless in Seattle is the only way that we roll ...


Umbrellas in the air for the rain city
Street lights,
big dreams, all lookin pretty
No place in the world that can compare
your lighters in the air, everybody say "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"
Now you're
in ...