Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fearce Villain - Ransom Freestyle f/ Louis V MP3

via That's That Ish


Friday, January 29, 2010

Freeway & Jake One on HipHopDX Presents: Hip Hop Helps Haiti

Make your way on over to HipHopDX to listen to Freeway & Jake One's 'Time' and help raise funds for relief efforts in Haiti. is offering up their "Hip Hop Helps Haiti" mixtape now on their website and asking for donations in return. The mixtape features an exclusive Freeway track which was produced by Jake One. This track is not available anywhere else so be sure to download and support those in need by donating money over at

Gutta Gang - Mama's G Child VIDEO

via KanableVideos

D.Black Speaks on Creating Ali'Yah VIDEO



D.Black - Special f/ Fatal Lucciauno MP3

via 206Proof

Following the release of his well-received Sportn' Life/MYX Music Label debut Ali'Yah, Seattle-based MC D.Black is showing no signs of slowing down in 2010. Teaming up with fellow Emerald City native and frequent collaborator B.Brown, D.Black is gearing up to release a brand new (and free!) EP entitled Black and Brown – D.Black will be handling all the vocals, while producer B.Brown provides the beats. In anticipation of the release, D.Black is leaking the first song from the forthcoming EP for public consumption. "Special" is about taking a stand against the destructive ways that most people live their lives. "We got a generation dying over wealth, but we constantly chasing our self," raps D.Black. It showcases the lyrical skills and sophistication you have come to expect from D.Black, smooth production by B.Brown, and features a guest spot from fellow Sportn' Life Records label mate MC Fatal Lucciauno. The trio prove that, just in case you weren't sure, Sportn' Life Records and MYX Music Label are a force to be reckoned with.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

OK Hotel Band - The Day MP3

I had the pleasure of hearing this very track at The Pharmacy several weeks back and it's nice to see this released to the public. I won't bore you with the details, but be sure to click on the image above to read what Matson on Music has to say. Long story short, the OK Hotel Band is comprised of Budo, Thig Natural, J. Pinder as well as others.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hands On: Freeway & Jake One - The Stimulus Package (Album Packaging) VIDEO

Freeway & Jake One went all out with this package: 4 Freeway Bills, 4 Jake One Bills, with lyrics and liner notes on the backsides, a wallet to stuff them into, plus a download card with the Instrumentals. This unique package was put together by Hip-hop's Iconic Designer, Brent Rollins.

Monday, January 25, 2010

DJ B-Mello Presents: This DJ, Part 3

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In this episode the club owner wants to talk to the DJ about the music.

Blue Scholars Interview from 2007

via joevsevil

Blue Scholars members Sabzi and Geo talk about their perspective on Seattle's Hip Hop scene. This is a part of a larger project on Seattle Hip Hop music and culture. Blue Scholars answer questions about the emerging scene. Filmed by Blake Whitaker and Arie Pytel in 2007.

Brothers From Another (BFA) - Too Soon? EP


5 Things About Champagne Champagne on MTV

Dyme Def - I Got It MP3

img src: derrick santini

So here's a joint that was recorded late this summer that we figured we'd send out for yall to check out..yall know we like to keep your itunes fully stocked with Dyme Def goodies..this one's produced by Brainstorm of Dyme Def

Shoutout to Big Zo at Beacon Skillz for lettin us record this at his spot.. i think it was 105 degrees in there that night LOL

Sunday, January 24, 2010

DJ B-Mello Presents: This DJ

THIS DJ, Part 1

This is the normal negotiation process. Oh, the life of a DJ. Here's the meeting with the General Manager of a club.
DJ B-Mello speaks truth in these videos that he's created. If you're a DJ yourself and living in Seattle, I'm sure you can relate to these very scenarios. This video series entitled 'This DJ' is something you don't wanna miss every time a new episode drops. Check back frequently.

THIS DJ, Part 2

After the club night. This is what it's like after waiting around 20 minutes. Time to settle up!

Haiti Relief Show at Neumos 2/4/2010

On Feb. 4th. Sol & Neumos present: Common Market X The Physics X Sol X Dyno Jamz @ Neumos. A benefit concert to raise money & awareness for Haiti. Hosted by Khingz, w/ DJ Pryme & Flying Sneakers crew. $10 pre-sale, $12 @ the door.

The Physics & J. Pinder Photoshoot

Just spotted this as well as several J. Pinder photos from Canh Solo on his Flickr page. Could this mean that the Physics and J. Pinder are in the lab for 2010 to deliver some music this year? My guess is all signs point to 'yes'. Click on the image above to enlarge. I gotta also say that Canh be on his hustle. Get at him for his services if you're tryin to fix your face.

Razpy - The Love (Sample Clip) VIDEO

Brothers from Another (BFA) Promo VIDEO

Valley Hood Swag Kamp VIDEO

Last Time as They Live! to Perform at High Dive, 1/29/2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brainstorm (Dyme Def) Chats with Fans on TONIGHT!

Click on the image above to chat with Brainstorm this evening at 6 PM.

What: Brainstrom of Hip Hop group Dyme Def ( ) will be chatting with his fans today.

Who: Dyme Def has been in the Seattle area music sean since early 2006 with the hit album Space Music which included the hit single " Let It Be" remixing the hit Beatles song let it be. With their recent simultaneous drop their new album SEX TAPE and Two In The Shirt (T.I.T.S.) apparel this December I wouldn't be surprised to see their albums sales jump in the the underground Hip Hop market.

When: Thursday, January 21st , 2009 at 6:00 p.m. PDT

Mistah F.A.B. Rock Emnace Clothing's 'Art of War 3' T-Shirt

Mistah F.A.B. recently was up in Seattle for the 'Music is a Privilege' tour and shot a video with Logics too. Soon after F.A.B. was on SF Chronicle Live with Gary Radnich. In the clip you'll see him rockin Emance's 'Art of War 3' t-shirt which is sold at Urbanity. T.I.T.S. is also in the video.

Champagne Champagne, They Live!, Wild Orchid Children & Terry Radjaw at High Dive

Friday, January 29, 2010
21+ / $8 / 9:30 PM
They Live! (Mash Hall)

Parker Brothaz - The Ladies Man & The Bosses Boss MIXTAPE

Parker Brothaz dropped The Ladies Man & The Bosses Boss mixtape hosted by DJ Jay Fields. Couple tracks below to give you a little taste.

Death Do Us Part

Movin' On

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brainstorm - Focus Freeverse MP3


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Stay At Home Dad MP3

via 206Proof

Here's a leftover from the VS. EP. Free download.

Wizdom - Salud VIDEO

Music Video for Wizdom's "Salud" from his sophomore album Music: Soul of the Man
Director/Editor: Jon Augustavo
DP: Phil Conover, Craig Nisperos
Produced By: Epidemmik

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

They Live! Now Known as Mash Hall

They Live! can now add the phrase, "formerly known as" to their name as they recently switched their style up due to the governments. Check Ear Candy for the details and just know that Mash Hall is now the name. I'm sure they'd appreciate a follow to their Twitter. Question is, which one? @THEYLIVE206 or their @MASHHALL account?

Megalodon Clothing

Jordan Nicholson started the Megalodon brand last year with a few tee's and now he introduces his first beanie. So, what does the name mean? I've been told that it "comes from a prehistoric giant giant huge dinosaur shark... basically megalodon's are awesome" which means the brand is too! You can click here to purchase this fine article of clothing for $15.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Canary Sing - Freak Show VIDEO

DJ DV One - Jam-uary MIX

This weeks mix is a collabo of all January/Aquarius artists. There was so many I couldn't fit them all in. I left out Elvis, Eddie Van Halen, Dolly Parton, Dave Matthews, Pat Benetar, Proof, Spider Loc, Coug Nut, Monifa, Rashaan Patterson,
Yummy Bingham, George Duke, Billy Ocean and plenty others.

The ones that did make the list however are plentiful still. And it goes to show that
January/Aquarius babies bring a powerful gift to the world. Please enjoy the mix, and if it seems random its bcuz it is… A handful of artist and powerful songs that you know YOU KNOW. From world leaders to musicians and more, January is all up in you.

Haiti We Stand - A Benefit for the Victims in Haiti at Nectar

Click on the flyer above for more details.

Seattle’s music scene is brimming with creative, hard-working artists who care about helping those in need—and who know how to party. In that tradition, on Monday, January 18, a handful of the city’s favorite DJ's will descend upon Nectar Lounge’s well-equipped sound system to provide the jams for a benefit party with proceeds going towards relief efforts in Haiti.

The impoverished Caribbean island, shaken to its core by a magnitude 7 earthquake earlier this week, needs every cent it can get to fund the efforts of those already elbows-deep in the challenging tasks of picking through the rubble and rebuilding their nation. Here at home, Nectar and its partners offer you the opportunity to gather in celebration & reflection to contribute what you can financially to the cause.
We’ll see you on Monday!

Manik x Goods Haiti Relief T-Shirt

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Behind the Scenes of Logics' Video Shoot

via @Macklemore
Looks like Logics is back in Seattle and filming more scenes for a music video that started shooting in Vegas earlier this month. Emnace clothing in the cut! Click here to see Macklemore and Mistah F.A.B. on set.

UPDATE: Video directed by Ryan Lewis for the song 'Get It'

Chillen at @YoungGhangas and @MistahFAB's video shoot.

Todd Sykes & EvergreenOne - 90's Shit VIDEO

via ErikxSoderquist

Saturday, January 16, 2010

No Clue - California Dreamin' Promo VIDEO

Squashed feat. Mad Rad, Macklemore, Breakfast Mountain & Darwin

DJ Hyphen on the cover of Jenesis Magazine

KUBE 93's DJ Hyphen (Sunday Night Sound Session) covers the latest issue of Jenesis Magazine. Click here to download this month's publication covering the story of 'DJ's vs Bloggers'.

Happy New Years! It's our DJ's VS Bloggers Issue furthering our love for DJ's and newest avenue for all your music/news needs, Bloggers. Included in our panel are DJ's DJ YS, DJ Schemes, Miss DJ Gemz, DJ Koast, and bloggers Modi (DCtoBC), Ricky (InternetGoon), Lola Plaku (, and Gilah "Gee" ( Also featured Gyant, DJ Jayceeoh, Cook Classics, PaperPlates Clothing, and more.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pre-Order Freeway & Jake One - The Stimulus Package VIDEO

spotted on Rhymesayers Entertainment

Evergreen State of Mind Seattle Remix VIDEO

spotted on 206Proof

Seattle has its own anthem to counter Jay-Z's 'Empire State of Mind' called Evergreen State of Mind. Lyrics below.

Yeah were rolling up Ballard, ride by Queen Anne
Wave to my main man
Matthews and his rock band
Drive down I-5, holla back Huskies
Our teams
eatin so much, they call 'em husky

I used to mug at Shorewood drinkin
mad Americanos
way up there in Lynnwood, dodge Asian-Americanos
up a steamboat, ridin on the ducks blazed
Catch me in the bakery with
Douglas making cupcakes

Bussin through Denny, Nevermind the traffic
Ladies here got back so Broad, you'd think them plastic
This my stop in
CD, home of my boy Bruce Lee
used to break dem mofos and Kareem in movie
after movie

With Ryan on the Empire, Hanks on Alki
Pike Place the
right space for fish fly bys
Playa I be buzzed out, Sippin straight black
Tell by my plaid flannel, that i'm most definately from ...
Sea-Town, Emerald City where rain get played up
There's nothing but
green here

Now you're in Sea-Town
These trees will help you to
breath clear
Fresh air is here all year
Let's hear it for Sea-Town,
Sea-Town, Sea-Town

Catch me at the Safe with B.G. at an M's game
Junior made our team way more famous than an MC can
You should know I
bleed purple but i ain't a Yahoo!
I run Windows not crips, so I see blue

Clay molded the city and he brought em to their knees
Schultz sold
out Seattle and they locked the fuckin Key
And though they took our team KD,
Nick Collison
We still in Belltown with popped collars son

after the games, we'd eat @ Dick's with all the cats
Gotta message for
Howard, do the same without the @
Since I'm on the rap, and G Ell's on the
If Jay's paying D Wade, I'mma pay Aaron Brooks

My money's wide
like the Amazon, free shipping when they sell it
Like hendrix with the
hammer on, this Sound's psychodelic
Space Needle soaring, Kingdome is long
Long live King County, gem of the Nortwest thats ...


Sky is crying on folks we blind to
Pulling off the freeway,
pretending theres no time to
Find the kindness confined to the well-off and
Its the slightest of rights to be well-fed and healthy

Got a
spare coin, they like dimes not Nickels
Real Change is rare when youre livin
on a trickle
City so winded, its a sin that we dreaming,
While men on
the street sleep in ten under freezing

Cant make the bus fare, cant
fight the tide
Cant break the addiction, like a vice on their lives
Clearing tents in cities, its a scourge and
Seattle aint pretty, cant
stop the incursion

Stayed here for school, graduated to recession
Plant workers, engineers united in depression
Puffin on a Swisher, chase
it with a micro
Sleepless in Seattle is the only way that we roll ...


Umbrellas in the air for the rain city
Street lights,
big dreams, all lookin pretty
No place in the world that can compare
your lighters in the air, everybody say "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"
Now you're
in ...


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Freeway & Jake One - She Makes Me Feel Alright

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GMK - Inside the Session with Kirby Krackle

via GMK Brilliant Reality

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lesbians & Hip-Hop VIDEO

Jude & Lisa talk about why lesbians love hip-hop so much. Your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree?

Dark Time Sunshine - Doom / Go Team / Wrong Kids VIDEO

Three tracks in one music video. Listen to Doom, Go Team, and Wrong Kids in this video from Dark Time Sunshine with mentions of a string of town folk including Champagne Champagne, Thee Satisfaction, They Live!, Dyme Def, Xperience, Macklemore, Mad Rad, The Saturday Knights, Fresh Espresso and The Physics. If I'm missing any other Wrong Kids, let me know.

Here's a link where you can download the rest of the album where these songs are included in BELIEVEYOUME [CLICK & DOWNLOAD]

D.Black Speaks on Seattle Hip-Hop Scene

Monday, January 4, 2010

DELI Presents Dirty in the 30s

DELI Seattle
87 Yesler Way
Seattle, WA 98104

Sunday, January 3, 2010

DJ Hyphen & J. Moore in the Seattle P-I

Click on the image above to read the whole article. What do you think? Is Sound Session your favorite radio show in the city?