Monday, November 23, 2009

Kuddie Fresh - Music N Lifestyle

Download the latest from Kuddie Fresh. Listen to track 1 below, Away from Home.


After leaving his home town to chase his dreams, the young producer has arrived. He's now living the life of a star on the rise. During his journey he starts to notice the truths of the music business and how easy it is to be blinded by the glamour. He starts noticing changes in his friends and his future starts to become a nightmare. Only to be waken up and realize It was all a dream....

All Songs Composed by Kuddie Fresh

1) Away From Home
2) The Dream
3) Music N Lifestyle
4) Doing What i Love
5) Music (The Lifestyle)
6) Flashing Lights
7) Seeing Stars
8) Nothing Personal ( Just Bizness)
9) 4 Seconds of Fame
10) Friend$
11) The Ugly Truth
12) Nightmares
13) The End (Roll The Credits)
14) Final Destination (Outro)