Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wizdom - Bring It Back VIDEO

via directfrommylens

Dave and I were hanging out at his pad this Saturday around 3pm when we got the idea to shoot a video in one day. Luckily I had my gear in the car. We headed out to Georgetown to find a spot but wound up sneaking into a Train Yard. We filmed the entire video in 20 mins. Edited the video in about 40mins (not including rendering of course). Our goal was to make a "music video" from start to finish in a few hours that was halfway decent. I think we accomplished that goal.

All 3 versus were shot in one take. Good job Dave! There is some awkwardness during the chorus transition scenes because we didn't get a chance to shoot the transition scenes do to the fact that the trains started moving and we were 4 rows deep. I didn't want to die today.