Monday, July 27, 2009

DJ B-Mello Makes Some New Moves

Not only is the move big, but it's national! Many may have wondered why you didn't hear B-Mello's familiar voice on last night's KEXP Street Sounds and it's because the original West Coast Tapemaster is now on board with the new Death Row Records. Early indications of this were announced through a tweet that said, "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming this week involving a new consulting gig and position in the game! Time to Work! Press Release coming!" Followed by saying, "Shout out to @Lar206 Passing the Streetsounds baton!! New Era starting 2day. Good luck!" Congratulations are in order to both B-Mello on the new position he plays with Death Row and to Larry Mizell Jr in starting a new chapter of KEXP Street Sounds. 206 up!

Check the press release below.


Seattle, WA, USA

Since its inception, DJ B-Mello has been a mainstay of the KEXP urban music community. Known best for supporting independent artists, getting them heard on the radio and keeping a close ear to the underground scene, DJ B-Mello is making some changes in his career.

“KEXP has been an amazing experience for me and it will always be a huge part of who I am as a DJ and what I stand for in terms of discovery of new music and the support of developing talent. Change is good, I’m looking forward to what’s coming next.

DJ B-Mello known well for developing the highly influential radio show Street Sounds for KEXP since the day the station opened, is leaving KEXP to pursue more national music industry career moves.

B-Mello will always maintain his roots in the Northwest and fans can continue to hear him on air Monday thru Friday on the Mixtape at 8 and Traffic Jam both top rated radio shows on KUBE 93 FM.

But new opportunity has come to B-Mello who is now scheduled to consult for the new Death Row Records - aka Wideawake Death Row Entertainment working Death Row product in North America including working with radio programmers, clubs, DJ’s, special remix contests and initiatives.

“Given my long history living in the Northwest before becoming the CEO of WIDEawake Entertainment Group, I am really happy to create an opportunity for B-Mello and work closely with him to help bring new life into Death Row. I think having someone who really understands the national and international club scene and how Death Row can play in is a huge a plus for our company.”

B-Mello won best West Coast DJ of the Year in 2006 and has not stopped. He still maintains his on air presence as well as being a sought after club and party DJ.