Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Choklate - Suns Out/Grown Folk VIDEO

via daledock253

Wicked, wonderful stuff from Choklate -- a record that we dig even more than the singer's great debut a few years before! If you're digging for underground soul, this set's definitely one to dig -- as it's one of that rare breed of record that grabs you from the start, and makes your smile grow wide with the satisfaction of unearthing an undiscovered funky nugget! The beats are crisp, but always understated -- and there's a nice electric crackle alongside the keys -- never too much, just a touch of cosmic energy that makes the whole thing sparkle wonderfully -- setting a wonderful scene for Choklate's vocals as they slide in smoothly to the mix. (Dustygroove.com) Suns Out Slams!!