Friday, December 26, 2008

Late Night Soundtrack Set to Low Volume

Up late and should be getting a few hours of sleep before I head back into work while a majority of y'all get the Friday after Christmas off. Just saw the MGMT video for Electric Feel for the first time and can't say that the visual did anything to enhance the song. I actually prefer it minus the video. Paper Planes on the otherhand by M.I.A. was a song I heard when it first surfaced before the world took to it and Jay-Z and T.I. said ain't no one had swagger like them. The video for this song in particular had been long overdue and I always wondered if one would be created.

Both videos have been out for a minute so I'm talkin old news in internets time, but do you ever find that a music video either makes a song better or in some cases worse? Sometimes songs need that extra help of a visual to pop or in some unfortunate cases it poops or maybe a song doesn't need a video at all. Thoughts?

MGMT - Electric Feel

M.I.A. - Paper Planes