Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kanye West Toy Action Figure

Seattle area, Bothell based company, Funko, will be producing the Kanye West toy action figure. Preliminary news is that it'll be out at the top of the new year. What you see above is a prototype states 253hiphop who was at a party and spotted this next to a cup of what appears to be gin and tonic. Funko, I'll be looking in my mailbox for this. This is a must have for the office! Click on the image to enlarge. via 253hiphop

So last night I was at a Christmas party and I had seen the prototype but its official now, should be hitting the shelves in a month or so, this is the Kanye West Action Figure!

UPDATE: We have received word from Kanye West’s lawyers that the Kanye West action figure will not be made available for sale. They also requested that we take down the photo. Apologies.
My name is xxxxx xxxxxxxxx and I represent Kanye West. Please remove the picture of the Kanye West action figure from your Blog.

Note: The action figure you are referring to will NOT be released for sale.