Monday, December 22, 2008

DV One Introduces Website

Just received the following in the inbox. Read below. Seattle DJs steppin it up with their internets game.

Whattup ya'll!

DV One shoutin' you out from the 206. This is the formal introduction to my new website - Today is the official launch, YIPEEEE!!!

On the site you'll find news, calendar info, and a blog for all you Internet thugs. The website will also be your number one Internet destination for my free mix cd's, my free downloads, club and tour photos, links to all my affiliates, and most importantly DVTV!!

I also plan to use the site to LEAK un-released music from underground and mainstream artists (with their permission of course.) Be sure to check back frequently to see new pics, hear good music, get great mixes, and chime in
on what's really goin down.

With the launch comes a brand new mix - 25 minutes of warm music for cold days. Click the link to visit the site, from there you'll be able to download, send me an email, and leave a comment, so do somethin... as JB would say, "Get up, Get into it.. GET INVOLVED!"
But mainly.. stay classy.

DV One
Rock Steady Crew