Sunday, December 7, 2008

Brainstorm Recaps 2008 Red Bull Big Tune Finals

Swaggerjacked from Brainstorm's blog on MySpace.

Nov 29th(Day before i leave for NY)
my flight was at 630 in the fuckin morning so i pretty much got super drunk and stayed up the whole to the airport around 530 and almost missed my flight cuz them asshole airport check in ppl wanna tell me my bag is over the weight limit and i either had to pay 90 bux to get it checked in or pay 10 bucks for a big ass plastic bag to put access shit in to make my suitcase guessed it...payed 10 bux and lugged around a bag full of kicks...fuck delta airlines by the way...

check in thru security walk thru the metal detector 8 times before it finally shut the hell up and just barely made my flight....of course i get the middle seat so i had to sit in the middle of some old racist white bitch and her snooty ass grandaughter...fuck both of em also...anyway...i arrive to jfk in NY

nov 30th
grab my luggage and meet my boy rising son at the baggage claim...we wait for my boys hitmakers and marc garvey to arrive and they take hella long...shout out to marc garvey...thats my sorry about the unfortunet incident that went on while you away...keep ya head up my we get in this lil mini van and chop it up and get to know each other and me and marc garvey automatically clicked so we were batman and robin the whole trip...we arrive to the loft which was in the soho district of manhattan...a camera crew comes rushing out and i almost steal on one of em cuz theyre super in my face....then i realized it was my guy who did all the recording with Young buck and i last year so i calmed down...we walk upstairs and the fuckin loft is huge...producer set up in the living room and instantly got to work...they made us share rooms...some with more than 3 ppl in the room...but the dope part was since i was the seattle champ...i roomed with rob bates from chicago and i got the big bed....he aint need it no way cuz dude is like 3 ft nothin and 80 pounds soaking wet...anyway they had hella liquor and yall know how i get down so i was drunk by the end of the nite and went to bed for about 2 hrs

dec 1st
wake up and take care of all the media and my nigga marc garvey walk around and find this fly ass dining spot and get some food...meanwhile a group of women from BX(obvious to me by there accents) come in the diner and me and this nigga marc are like kill to see a group of women in oakland or seattle where ALLLLLL of the females were beautiful...anyway...we flirt for awhile and cut out...later that nite my man sha money come by (50 cents manager) and he had already knew me from last years competition so he called me Mr. Celestine in front of everybody and it made me feel good as hell cuz they stared at me like damn this nigga know you by gov. name....he cmes in and does his thing providing all kinds of info on the industry and dips out...i commence to drinking again and pull another all nighter

dec 2nd
wake up super fuckin hungover...i do my interviews and media obligations for the bull gives dinner at a dope lil spot 5 blocks from where were staying...the food was bammer but the drinks were free....damn i drink a lot...i think i survived off liquor the whole trip...but it was coo cuz i ggot to see my man crazy legs from Rocksteady crew and i got to meet ALCHEMST...jake one went to introduce me and alchemist is the nigga wit the broke ass laptop huh?...i was like thats me homie...he laughed and i chopped it up wit him and was prolly the only producer to get his contact info cuz im that big homie dj dvone comes by and none of these niggas in the house know him but you know dv does his usual shit talking and exercising plans and i wasnt gonna get caught up in that cuz i know better...but he got everyone in the house doing push ups and pull ups and curls and shit...i was like yall fucked up...but at the end of the nite he took like 8 of us to get food and came out his OWN pocket like 200 bux...which was the best meal i had while i was there...buffalo wings mash potatoes and mac n shit ever

dec 3rd
day of the battle...we wake up at 10 am and subway it up to the brooklyn bridge and BULLIED that shit....ppl were like are yall superstars and im like YEAH BITCH!!!!!...the camera crew are having a hard time containing the angry new yorkers but we pull it off and get a great shot of us walking into the city...ill forward....everyone from the west coast lost frist round in the battle including me...let me tell yall what happened with me tho

so the cdj starts fuckin up as it had been ALL FUCKIN NITE...j.moore is pissed off at the world and starts yellin at me to hurry up while im standing there in front of 900 plus ppl tryna figure it i get frustrated and say fuck it and just play a beat i didnt really wanna play in the first place which pretty much lost it for forward....i get alchemist a beat cd and he says i have the illest cover ever...(a picture of me super g'd up smokin a blunt on top of a skyline)...i pass out at least 100 of em and ive been getting good reviews so hopefully something will stem from that...i end up leaving with dyme def and our managers and go to some this time its late and im tired as hell so i hail a taxi back to the spot and go to sleep

dec 4th...
we all check out at 12pm and are stuck in times square for 4 hrs before the shuttle comes to take us to the airport...its me rising son j bizness(my nigga) and hitmakers(my guy from ay back)...we get there and im worried my bag is gonna be too heavy so while i was in times square i gave a bum like 4 pair of kicks...get on the plane and here i am

footage of the even will be up soon and ill let chall see it...but thats my experience in a nutshell

Brain signing off