Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sound Magazine Reviews the White Van Music Release Party

Katelyn Hackett of Sound Magazine has a quick write-up of Monday night's release party for Jake One's White Van Music album at the War Room. Click here for your reading pleasure.

This was Jake’s night, and the man who masterminded what some are saying might be the best hip-hop to come out of
Seattle in several years certainly deserves some praise. On Monday nights the War Room is usually populated with b-boys and b-girls from Seattle’s best crews, there to practice their moves and to challenge each other while rotating DJs spin beats. Tonight, though, Jake himself deejayed for Brother Ali; Sportn’ Life DJ Nphared, who gets a shout-out in White Van Music’s liner notes, deejayed for local WVM contributors GMK, Spaceman, J.Pinder and D. Black.