Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Common x Zune - The Green Room & T-Shirt Collaboration

Common and Zune have a lot poppin off in their collaborative efforts to promote one another to you and I all. In supporting artists in their craft, Zune has created The Green Room video podcast series where they interview and film artists behind the scenes. Recently Common was in Seattle for Seeing the Invincible Sounds of Summer tour with N.E.R.D. You can check out both a trailer for Zune Marketplace's, The Green Room, as well as a clip from the Common episode. More info on The Green Room can be found here.

Zune Marketplace: The Green Room TRAILER

via zuneartsdotnet

The Green Room: Common TRAILER

via zuneartsdotnet

Also, an interview Common had with AdAge reveals that t-shirts are in the works. Click here for the full read.

M&V: What persuaded you to work with Microsoft?

Common: Their tradition. ... I know that Microsoft has been around for 20 years, they established themselves in the mid-'80s, and since then they've progressed. Microsoft is classy, it's a timeless brand, and it means something to the world, internationally, and I felt like that's the direction of what I want Common to be, to be honest. I want to be timeless, I want to be international, and those are the things I feel like I'm working toward now. I was able to team up with them for some of those reasons. Like I said, I liked creatively where they wanted to go. Actually Microsoft and I are about to do a line of T-shirts coming out in November. I'm designing them.