Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sneaker Pimps on the History Channel

Sneaker Pimps was recently on the History Channel for one of their shows called The Works hosted by Daniel H. Wilson. The original air date for this episode was August 7th, 2008. The show is on every Thursday night and repeats again the following morning at 2am. You can learn more about The Works by clicking here. On their website they have a few facts about sneakers in the Did You Know? section. h/t to Rock Paper Scissors

The Works : Sneakers Aired on Thursday August 07 10:00 PM and Friday August 08 02:00 AM
Why are sneakers so essential to modern life? Host Daniel H. Wilson will uncover the story of a multi-billion dollar global industry that inspires music, movies and has its own subculture. Some scientists even believe sneakers may represent the next step in human evolution!