Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Three-1-Zero Presents '99 Lakers LP

I feel like right now my career is like the 1999 Los Angeles Lakers. That season for the Lakers was insane. First of all the season was cut in half due to the NBA strike so the support of basketball was at an all time low. (Kind of how the music industry is now). We had two different coaches that didn't know what the fuck they were doing. We had crazy ass Denis Rodman and this was also the year that Kobe and Shaq first started to "feud". Most importantly it was their last season @ The Forum in Inglewood, California (my home town). The next season they packed up moved out the Forum, got a new coach, upgraded their uniforms, made a few changes and revived the Laker dynasty (My goal is to revive hip hop but more specifically the west coast). I have elements that are proven to be good like Kobe and Shaq and Glen Rice. But I also have certain elements holding me back like Corie Blount (random bench player from that team that sucked), Elden Campbell and Travis Knight, not having the right coach (management) and basically the pressure of trying to prove that this team is a championship winning team.

So I'm putting together a CD titled "99 Lakers LP". And basically it's a big ass metaphor that compares hip hop to basketball. Each song's titled after a Laker player from that year as well as other Laker related things. Each song represents that player's personality but at the same time has a reference to hip hop for example "Dennis Rodman" is a track with me spitting rebellious flows over a crazy ass rock and roll electric guitar and just crazy chaos on a track. I have a song called "Sean Rooks" remember him? lol, well the song isn't about him, it's a track dedicated all the "rookie rappers" out there, and how they need to learn how to grind to get that starting spot, instead of coming in the game thinking that they already have it made. The song titled "Jeanine Buss" is a track about gold digging women. I got a track called "Wilt Chamberlain" that's about sex and I think I set the record for the most basketball/sex double entendres in one song. It all makes sense haha. So this project is basically my 1999 season I'm going to get work all the bugs and come back strong new and improved for the next 3 years…I don't know what I'm a do after that though lol. I'm sure you get the concept now.