Wednesday, July 9, 2008

JuLife 9th, 2008: Life the Great - No PEN Behind 55 Bars MP3 (9 of 31)

title: No PEN Behind 55 Bars

artist: Life The Great

original title: Young Gifted and Black

original artist: Big Daddy Kane (I hope those that do not know run get these records and study up)

Now...When I wrote this record it was a first for me. I had ideas that I wanted to get out but I had no pen lastnite in the studio. So I did it in my head 8 bars at a time what a nite it was eazy though. I was just riding (the beat) off of the excitement that “Young Gifted and Black” brought to me...really I was kind of mad that I overlooked it for this long. The 55 bars that I spit on this pretty much sums up my passion for this music we call Hip Hop. “I’m so Atlanta the mayor gave me immunity...I’m so Africa Chaka Zulu he knew of me” . You have to listen to this entire record (several times actually) especially the end where I just spoke what I felt at that time. This ain’t a diss song it’s a real song.