Tuesday, July 8, 2008

JuLife 8th, 2008: Life the Great - LifeDMC Like ChuckD MP3 (8 of 31)

title: LifeDMC like ChuckD
artist: Life The Great
Original title(s): King Of Rock (RUN DMC), Public Enemy #1 & Mind Terrorist (Public Enemy)
link: http://www.zshare.net/audio/14898520baba2958/

Remember when the two man emcee group used to go back and fourth with their rhymes? Remember the chill bumps you would get when listening to RUN DMC kick “Here We Go”? Well that’s exactly what I was listening to as a youngin as well as this weekend. This record is almost like a megamix being that I took 3 different instrumentals and kicked my rhymes (ha). Salute to Jam Master Jay and Terminator X! Oh yeah the record is called “LifeDMC like ChuckD” that’s another thing, I miss the crazy and sometimes abstract titles of songs. Anyway I’m sure most of you have heard two of the records in this megamix but raise your hand if you remember “Mind Terrorist”.