Monday, July 7, 2008

JuLife 7th, 2008: Life the Great - Trapper Keeper MP3 (7 of 31)

With the 4th of July weekend festivities happenin, I've been a bit late in posting up Life the Great freestyles. You'll find today's joint as well as a little catch up of the others from the previous days.

title: Trapper Keeper
artist: Life The Great
Produced by: Life The Great

Today’s record is another that is produced by Life The Great and after I finished it I thought “This should have been on The UltraSound” like right after “The Pager” this record should have been inserted. It’s called Trapper Keeper and yes it is about what you are thinking. I remember writing all of my rhymes in my old beat up Trapper Keeper in Jr. High and only wish that I could find it now because I swear I would open one of these 31 days for it. Once again I thank everyone for just listening, whether you post them up or not, I am grateful.
JuLife 6th, 2008: Life the Great - Dopeman (6 of 31)
title: DOPEMAN
artist: Life The Great
original title: DOPEMAN
Original artist: N.W.A
This is one of my favorite beats of all times so it was only right that I jump on it...N.W.A's "Dopeman". We are just having fun with these records trying to bring back the feeeling that I felt when listening to these records back in the late 80's. Once again enjoy and I am working on a record for one of my own beats that will hopefully be ready for tomorrow.
JuLife 5th, 2008: Life the Great - Me and My DJ (5 of 31)
title: Me and my Dj
artist: Life The Great
original title: It Takes Two
Original artist: Rob Base and Dj E-Z Rock (do you see the theme yet?)
Oh yes, I think this one came out great especially since I had bar-b-que on the brain. “Me and my Dj” is the name of this joint and with this one I borrowed the timeless record “It takes two” by Rob Base and Dj E-Z Rock (another cook out classic) to pay homage to the dj….my dj. This one I just had fun with so run with it….ride with it and I will be right back here tomorrow. If you have oldschool instrumental send them joints to me…Im stockpiling instrumentals for inspiration.
JuLife 4th, 2008: Life the Great - Somebody (4 of 31)
title: Somebody
artist: Life The Great
original title: Somebody For Me
Original artist: Heavy D & The Boys (wasn't '89 the shit?)
Today being JuLife 4th, 2008 we wanted to make a "bar-b-que" record that took it back to that bar-b-que we had back in Grant Park 1989. back when Tone Starr had an S-Curl and all the pretty ladies used to call him Al B. Sure..oh yes they did. Anyway on this record I grabbed that Heavy D. and the Boys record "Somebody For Me" and gave it a little more Life. Anyway enjoy and Im back to work to finish another bar-b-que record for tomorrow so I can get my fireworks on tonight.
JuLife 3rd, 2008: Life the Great - Takin Out You Suckas (3 of 31)
title: Takin Out You Suckas
artist: Life The Great
original song: Call Me D-Nice
original artist: D-Nice a.k.a TR808
This record is called "Takin Out You Suckas" and in it I took the D-Nice "Call Me D-Nice" track and built on that, but aiming it at the people that think all this cars, jewels and women is new when we have been doing that on records. Also it's for people that down these rappers that come out (mainly out of the south where im from) with dances and novelty records...that ain't new. Like I said in the record "If they want to talk about 'walkin out', let 'em walk it out cause we was wop'in out back in '84". If you've never listened to The UltraSound (my free album) then you might be wondering why am I rocking over these oldschool tracks. Well this is all part of my trilogy of albums that will explain where Life The Great came from, where he is at and where he is going. Just stick with me and I guarantee that you will be entertained and some will be educated on the origins of this thing we call Hip Hop.