Thursday, July 10, 2008

JuLife 2008: Life the Great - Mic Addiction MP3 (10 of 31)

title: Mic Addiction
artist: Life The Great
original title: Microphone Fiend
original artist: Eric B. & Rakim

Ok I will not bore you with an extensive email explaining this record because really the lyrics speak for themselves. Some people don’t/didn’t know that I am on my ghost writing hustle very hard! You already know what I do for me, but you probably didn’t know that I do that for others too. Hooks, Tracks, Arrangement and sometimes whole records (Scooter holla at me I have a single for Asher!). It’s really nothing for me to do what I do because I am a “Microphone Fiend” which means of course I have a “Mic Addiction”.

“If You looking for the flow homie you ain’t know? I got it for the low low homie you ain’t know...” - Life The Great