Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bishop Lamont & Beats by Dr. Dre

DJ Skee sits down with Bishop Lamont to talk about his new single, Grow Up, off the forthcoming album, The Reformation, produced by Dr. Dre. Also, the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones with Monster Cable make an appearance. It drops on July 25th and according to Skee, they gonna run a cool triple stack + 50! These headphones, I got to have, just to hear what Dre hears and to listen to Detox on.

SKEE.TV World Premier music- Video of Bishop Lamont in studio recording "Grow Up" produced by Dr. Dre off Bishop Lamont's debut Aftermath album, "The Reformation." Live from the studio, DJ Skee gives the first close up in depth look at Dr. Dre's new headphones "Beats by Dre" out July 25th in conjunction with Monster. Also catch Skee & Bishop discussing the mythical "Detox" and speaking on the legendary good Doctor. A must see!! Skee.TV exclusive!
UPDATE: Beats by Dre Sneek Peek at Digital Downtown