Thursday, June 19, 2008

Young Buck - You Don't Know Me (The Taped Conversation)

I'm sure that everyone has heard the taped conversation between Young Buck and 50 Cent within the past 24-48 hours where the big sis (nuna), Miss Info first broke the news. With the release of the tapes, you knew that Buck had to retaliate. He does so in a track called You Don't Know Me or The Taped Conversation aka the 50 Cent diss. Thanks to Raindrop Hustla bringin to light that the beat that Buck rides over was produced by Seattle's own Black & Brown Inc. of Sportn' Life Records. In the words of Nphared, Young Buck is "not afraid to fcuk with Seattle producers." Great look for the town. Click here to listen and be sure to stop by Black & Brown's MySpace as well as Sportn' Life's.