Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Snoop Dogg and Hot Doggs @ evo

Don't have tickets to the Snoop show? Well, if you're gonna buy an article of clothing anytime soon, then drop by evo and you'll have your name entered in a drawing for a pair of tickets to the show with any purchase.

Snoop Dogg is stopping at the Showbox June 18th as part of his West Fest tour. Swing by evo now through Friday, June 14 and we'll enter your name in the drawing for a pair of tickets when you purchase anything in the store. We initially tossed around the idea of a Gin and Juice drinking contest, but in the end had to throw it out. Things would have gotten messy.

Almost as exciting as the concert itself, is the Dog & Dogg BBQ we're putting on this Saturday, June 14th, from 3-5. Snoop Dogg won't be there, but we'll be cooking up hot dogs all afternoon and will be announcing the winner of the tickets. You don't have to be there in order to win, but it would be way more fun if you were. Just imagine if the Doggfather really were at our BBQ, standing at the grill in a fur coat or his crisp, all-white suit, next to our shop manager Chris, in his "Kiss the Cook" apron. Maybe he'd even let Chris call him Calvin...

See you there! Fo rizzle!