Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dope Emporium TODAY!

If you've been hearing about Dope Emporium over the last few weeks, but didn't know what it was, where it was at, or how you can check it out, be sure to jot down the following notes. Also, just got word that Sneke will be spray painting a whole truck as his canvas. A sight to see for sure. So make your way down to Dope Emporium, part of Artopia, and enjoy the local scene on this bright day in Georgetown!

WHO: Alpha P/Knox Fam, Amp Fire, Anthony J. Shears, B-Girl Bench, Brotha Brown, Butler Boi, Candidt, Chelsey Richardson, Cyphallince, Dimmak, G Khan & DJ Pheloneous, Gloria Medina, Khingz, Knuckleheadbanga, LaRue f. Yiddim Seck, Orbitron, Speedy, Stahi Brothas, Southern Comfort, T-Love, Waves of the Mind, Willie Will, Xperience, Young Soprano

Dope Emporium features: music, art, fashion, spoken word, turntablism, film, a producer and graffiti art challenge, a panel discussion, b-boy/b-girl showcases, and a marketplace.
WHAT: Dope Emporium - Seattle's only hip-hop festival

The Dope Emporium is a community owned and operated “storefront” into the thoughts, creativity and vision of the Northwest Hip Hop scene. Featuring two stages and eight hours of live entertainment, Dope Emporium spotlights the multifaceted talent and ingenuity of local Hip Hop Culture.

WHERE: 5628 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA 98108 (ZONE 3, Airport Way S. in between S. Homer St. & S. Nebraska