Monday, June 30, 2008

Charles Hamilton on Team Invasion Radio (Green Lantern Show)

Twista iPod Chain

Sh!t is ridiculous!

Fabolous & Maino backstage @ Funkmaster Flex Car Show

Fabolous rockin a Seattle Mariners New Era fitted. via bestofbo

Zach Bruce - Be With You MP3

Ace Hood - Who Hotter Than Me FREESTYLE

Click here for Ace Hood's latest freestyle, Who Hotter Than Me.

Mazzi of S.O.U.L. Purpose @ SOB's

via bestofbo

Lupe Fiasco @ Glastonbury 2008

Click on the image above to watch Lupe Fiasco's full set at Glastonbury courtesy of the BBC!

Rock-N-Jocks: Gotham City Police Department New Era Fitted

Batman is back and bigger than ever so is this Gotham Police Department New Era 59/50 Fitted Hat. only got in a total of 20 pieces of this fitted. Once it's gone it will never be back. This hat is all dark navy blue. The front of the hat has the embroidered "Gotham Police Department Badge" in dark navy blue, yellow, white and grey. The back of this hat has embroidered "GCPD" in yellow. GCPD standing for Gotham City Police Department. Represent the Gotham Police with this New Era fitted available at

Hitting ROC Bottom

Red Bull Big Tune Behind the Scenes w/ Brainstorm & Young Buck

Check the videos below of behind the scenes footage of the making of I Got You with Brainstorm of Dyme Def and Young Buck!

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

h/t to MTK of Raindrop Hustla

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jay-Z on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross



Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dope Emporium TODAY!

If you've been hearing about Dope Emporium over the last few weeks, but didn't know what it was, where it was at, or how you can check it out, be sure to jot down the following notes. Also, just got word that Sneke will be spray painting a whole truck as his canvas. A sight to see for sure. So make your way down to Dope Emporium, part of Artopia, and enjoy the local scene on this bright day in Georgetown!

WHO: Alpha P/Knox Fam, Amp Fire, Anthony J. Shears, B-Girl Bench, Brotha Brown, Butler Boi, Candidt, Chelsey Richardson, Cyphallince, Dimmak, G Khan & DJ Pheloneous, Gloria Medina, Khingz, Knuckleheadbanga, LaRue f. Yiddim Seck, Orbitron, Speedy, Stahi Brothas, Southern Comfort, T-Love, Waves of the Mind, Willie Will, Xperience, Young Soprano

Dope Emporium features: music, art, fashion, spoken word, turntablism, film, a producer and graffiti art challenge, a panel discussion, b-boy/b-girl showcases, and a marketplace.
WHAT: Dope Emporium - Seattle's only hip-hop festival

The Dope Emporium is a community owned and operated “storefront” into the thoughts, creativity and vision of the Northwest Hip Hop scene. Featuring two stages and eight hours of live entertainment, Dope Emporium spotlights the multifaceted talent and ingenuity of local Hip Hop Culture.

WHERE: 5628 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA 98108 (ZONE 3, Airport Way S. in between S. Homer St. & S. Nebraska

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fearce Villain - Fulla Myself VIDEO

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dyme Def - 3 Bad Brothaaas MIXTAPE

This past weekend Dyme Def had a release party for their 3 Bad Brothaaas mixtape which is now available for all on the internets. I've heard various thoughts on this release, and I can't wait to listen to it. Mixed by Fourcolorzack with production from BeanOne. I just downloaded it and you can too by clicking here. Also check out the "new" and still "in development" Dyme Def website.

1. Intro
2. 3 Bad Brothaaas
3. Come Follow Me
4. Super 9O DS f/ SS Fresh
5. My Nuts
6. Rude Boys
7. The Game Needs Me (Remix)
8. To The Limit
9. Swagger Jackin’
10. Bring It Back f/ OneBeLo
11. Journey f/ Darrius Willrich
12. Full Of Myself
13. The Shits Knockin’
14. Brains Theme
15. Juiced
16. Conscience
17. Dont Ever Go f/ Choklate
18. What Can I Say
19. I Got You f/ Young Buck

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Game - Dope Boys f/ Travis Barker

Click here to listen to the next single off The Game's LAX album entitled Dope Boys featuring Travis Barker on the drums! Track produced by LA's own, 1500 or Nothin. New album drop date is August 22nd, 2008. Is that right though, on a Friday?

Shaq Freestyle Dissin Kobe Bryant (Unedited VIDEO)

Shaq disses Kobe Bryant in a freestyle. Unedited version of what's currently floating around on the internets. via VillageUnderground

BEST VERSION. NOT TMZ version. At Village Underground Unedited Footage.
Better sound and audio. Suprise Appearance by Shaq at the Village Underground
Sunday Open Mic featuring Ron Grant. Followed by Rahj.

Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy Cartoon

via SouljaBoy

Monday, June 23, 2008

Zach Bruce - Be With You Promo

Zach Bruce of Firm Official got a song that's gonna drop on Seattle radio this Friday. The track is produced by Firm Official and Jake One entitled Be With You. Also, Rich Brown of X104/Hot Jamz will be interviewing Mr. Bruce on the airwaves, so be sure to tune in to 104.5 on the FM dial or via the stream at To learn more, click here for Zach Bruce's MySpace page or here for his IMEEM and show the kid some hometown luv!

On a side note, word is Firm Official and company have been in some meetings with major heads. Once we find out what business deals come about, we'll be sure to let y'all know! In the mean time, be sure to keep Zach Bruce on your radar.

Gems Sneaker Shop

The new kid on the block is Gems Sneaker Shop located at 615 Western Ave just off of Western & Yesler in Pioneer Square. Jovi over at Soy Clothing has more insight and some flicks about the store's opening. Damn it's exciting to see sh!t like this pop up! Gonna have to drop by soon and check it out.

615 Western Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

Mac Dre & Syko

Video footage just hit the internets of the late Mac Dre and Syko enjoyin themselves and spittin a little somethin somethin. via 70smebbin

Digiwaxx Presents: Hip-Hop is Green, Vol.1 - Solar Heat

over at Digiwaxx hit me off with a new mix which I'm sure y'all will enjoy. Click here to listen or download it to your Zune. Hip-Hop is Green, Vol.1 - Solar Heat is mixed by DJ GetLive and hosted by Ant Marshall of Lyricist Lounge and Current TV bringing awareness to the environment through this mixtape. Seattle's own Four Color Creative Fresh Daily had a hand in the text for the album artwork. Click on the image above to view the tracklisting.

Chop Suey SOLD to Japanese Company!

img src Eagle Rock Ventures, musicentropy

Homegirl Katelyn brought to attention of Chop Suey being sold (via MTK). Word is spreadin fast and from what I hear, a press release of the purchase is in the works, or at the least, should be! This is some big news and will be interesting to see how this all develops. Who could this unnamed Japanese company be? Hmm... Like I said, word is spreadin quickly.

Seattle Weekly - Reverb: Breaking News Chop Suey Sold
Seattle Metblogs - Chop Suey sold?
Raindrophustla - Chop Suey Sold!
Sound on the Sound - Chop Suey Sold?!

The Stranger - Lineout: Chop Suey Sold: Update

K’s Dream, a nightclub based in Chiba City, Japan, is in the process of acquiring Seattle nightclub Chop Suey. Bookings and staff will remain the same. More info to come as everything becomes solidified

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lil Wayne - The Carter Documentary Trailer

An in-depth look at the artist Dwayne LIL' WAYNE Carter Jr, proclaimed by many as the "greatest rapper alive" With comprehensive and personal interviews with Lil' Wayne, this film will also feature insight from those that know him best. The world will finally get to know the history surrounding one of the most prolific artists of this generation.

Wale - The Artistic Integrity Promo

Can't wait to see what Rik (Three/21 Media) has cooked up for the video for Wale's The Artistic Integrity which is off the recently released mixtape entitled, The Mixtape About Nothing. Click here for pictures from the video shoot.

Can't Nobody Hold Me Download

Rock-N-Jocks: Oakland Atheletics New Era Fitted

Rock-N-Jocks just wants you to win baby with this Oakland A's "Oakland Raiders" Colors Custom New Era 59/50 Fitted Hat. This hat was designed to replicate the Oakland Raiders colors of Silver and Black. This Custom Fitted hat is only limited to a total of 30 pieces, and the only place you will find it is right here. This hat is all black with an all metallic silver bill. The old school embroidered "elephant" logo is in silver and black. The back of this fitted hat the "A's" logo also in metallic silver. Get yours while they last only at Hot Hot Hot!!!

2 Glowsticks & a 40 oz.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Game - Taped Conversation f/ Ralphige

Sh!t is gettin seriously out of hand as in all this fcukery from Jermaine Dupri's comments on the DJ, to Suge gettin knocked the fcuk out and now 50 Cent taping conversations. The Game gets his licks (n/h) in on Boo Boo. Beef is the new WWF. spotted on Nah Right

The Game disses all of G-Unit. The song contains excerpts of never before heard Ralphige Prank Calls to Lloyd Banks and Young Buck!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Undrcrwn: Only One T-Shirt

Based on this year's NBA Playoffs campaign, There Can Only Be One, Undrcrwn is releasing the Only One t-shirt featuring Biggie and Pac. The shirt drops in Philly tomorrow and nationwide at select shops days later either on the 24th or 25th of this month.

In the meantime, check out some video footage recently to hit the internets. Roscoe the Chicken is 'bout to change the whole mascot game! Rumor has it that the chicken will be at the Magic Convention this summer in August. I think we've got the new face of Philly on the come up! Also in these videos, Young Chris of Young Gunz resurfaces. Good to see him back on the scene!

Undrcwn's Roscoe the Chicken V1.0

Undrcrwn's Roscoe the Chicken V1.3

Undrcrwn vs. Young Chris

The State of Black Skate

Lupe Fiasco makes an appearance in this video on the state of Black skate. Fiasco's Kick, Push was meant for a skate DVD but of course we all know that it was a huge breakout hit for the Chitown artist. via JA

Rock-N-Jocks: New York Mets New Era Fitted

Rock-N-Jocks just released this New York Mets "Olympics Colors" Custom New Era 59/50 Fitted hat. This hat is a custom desgin by with New Era.. MEANING, you will only find this hat at Rock-N-Jocks. It is also only limited to a total of 30 pieces. This hat is olympic colors themed, with the hat being all navy blue with a metallic gold bill. The mets embroidered logo is in vegas gold, red, and navy blue. The back of the hat has the embroidered m.l.b. logo alos in vegas gold, red and navy blue. Get yours now at

J. Pinder for President

The Bear Party is ridin for J. Pinder!

Five Four Sample Sale

The homie J. Dubb just hit me off with a flyer for the upcoming Five Four sample sale goin down next Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, as you well know, sample sales happen offline rather than online. Wish I could be there to check out what they have in stock. Though, that's some food for thought and would be pretty dope to be able to shop a sample sale online for all the deals.

Anyhow, for the SoCal heads who got cheese to spread, bring your cash or credit and get yourself some new threads at 2444 Porter Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021. Be thurr earrly for the good sh!t. Sale starts at 10am and ends at 6:30pm each day. Click here for the Five Four blog announcing this event.

Five Four Clothing
Warehouse Sample Sale
2444 Porter Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Young Buck - You Don't Know Me (The Taped Conversation)

I'm sure that everyone has heard the taped conversation between Young Buck and 50 Cent within the past 24-48 hours where the big sis (nuna), Miss Info first broke the news. With the release of the tapes, you knew that Buck had to retaliate. He does so in a track called You Don't Know Me or The Taped Conversation aka the 50 Cent diss. Thanks to Raindrop Hustla bringin to light that the beat that Buck rides over was produced by Seattle's own Black & Brown Inc. of Sportn' Life Records. In the words of Nphared, Young Buck is "not afraid to fcuk with Seattle producers." Great look for the town. Click here to listen and be sure to stop by Black & Brown's MySpace as well as Sportn' Life's.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jay Smooth - Why Albums Used to Matter

spotted on illdoctrine via herfection

DJ Khaled - We Out Here Grinding Behind the Scenes

The homie Majesty of Street Knowledge TV just sent the following over to the inbox. Peep out behind the scene footage of DJ Khaled's "We Out Here Grinding" video shoot.

Behind the Scenes Part I

Behind the Scenes Part II

Rock-N-Jocks: Captain America New Era Fitted

Rock-N-Jocks is bringing you this Captain America New Era "Marvel Comics" 59/50 Fitted Hat. only got in a total of 25 pieces!!! Once it's gone it is gone for good!!! This hat has a royal blue front with the embroidered "Captain America shield" logo in red, white and blue. The top of the bill is blue, with the bottom of the bill in red. The sides of this hat are white. The back is also blue with the embroidered "MARVEL COMICS" logo in red and white. This will sell out quick, so make sure to get yours at

Sunday, June 15, 2008

?saN sdrawkcaB (Backwards Nas?)

Greg Street Challenges Jermaine Dupri

Happy Father's Day

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Forbes - The Future Billionaire: 50 Cent

Curtis gets money, money he got!

DJ Skee & Charles Hamilton - Crash Landed: Behind the Mixtape

Rock Paper Scissors Grand Opening this Saturday

The moves been made and the store reopens this Saturday at a new location and space. Click here for more info!

Rock Paper Scissors
1318 East Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98122

Fcuk Hip-Hop Cops!

NYPD sure is dirty. You wonder why they say "fcuk police!" Dude pulls out a strap in front of a large group of people in public backstage at the Hot 97 Summer Jam. He fails to identify himself as law enforcement and plays it of as if he's just taking pictures in his failed attempt to get intelligence. What he really should be doin is gettin some intelligence for himself first and foremost. I'm sure the chief and whole NYPD aren't gonna be too happy 'bout this guy. Definitely not a good look! Bitchassness at its greatest!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jermaine Dupri vs. Greg Street - DJ Talk

It started with Jermaine Dupri sayin that the DJ was dead

Greg Street Airs Out Jermaine Dupri

Then out of left field, Trapp of The Mic DVD puts Greg Street on blast

which brings us back to Jermaine Dupri with his 2 cents to all this fcukery!

spotted on Nah Right

Streetsweepers Radio/Shade 45 - DJ Drama Ethers Jermaine Dupri (AUDIO)

Greg Street on The Wendy Williams Show

Jermaine Dupri responds to Greg Street

LL Cool J - Baby f/ The Dream

Click here to check out Baby off of the Exit 13 album featuring The Dream. Props to YS!

UPDATE: Video of LL Cool J debuting Baby on HOT 97 with DJ Envy

spotted on Nah Right

Wale - Put On & Free

img src elitaste

Wale - Put On

via herfection

Wale - Free (I Luv Your Girl)

via Real Mango Juice

DJ Green Lantern Presents: Charles Hamilton - Outside Looking

With a mixtape out West with DJ Skee already released, comes another one with DJ Green Lantern in Outside Looking that's just landed. Click here to check it out. Charles Hamilton is heavy on his grind. He says that anything else that gets leaked from here on out will be freestyles only and that he'll be in the lab gettin work done!

Eminem Prank Calls LL Cool J

Click here to take a listen. Eminem calls in to Tony Touch's Toca Tuesdays show. Hilarious 'cause LL doesn't realize 'til later in on the call. Great chat the two of them have on Shade 45. LL Cool J co-signs Eminem... maybe we'll see a collabo? h/t to Sav on the lookout.