Monday, May 19, 2008

X104 Switches to Hot Jamz TODAY!

is now...
The switch is official after many many months. X104 is now known as Hot Jamz! When I first caught wind of the potential name change a couple years ago, I wasn't too excited 'bout it from a branding standpoint. Perhaps they could drop the "hot" (no Seaclipse) and brand it as 88.9 Jamz (89 Jamz)! That sound has a nicer ring to it.

Anyhow, I learned of the change today as I randomly tuned to 104.5 in the whip and for the most part, during the quick station identification/breaks, all I heard was "Hot Jamz" and "88.9." So, I switched over to 88.9 on the FM dial and lo and behold, it was the same as what was heard on 104.5.

What this means is that I'm sure for a good month or so, KMIH will be airing on both frequencies and sooner or later you'll hear something different on 104.5. It'll be an exciting time and opportunity for the station to grow and extend their image and start clean. First thing I would suggest is a new website since its been "coming soon" for a minute. KMIH, hit me up if you're in need of additional feedback during this transition. My $ .02 cents.

Hot Jamz NEW Friday Night Schedule
The Leak @ 5 (5pm-6pm)
Friday Night Freestyle (6pm-8pm)
Supermixx (8pm-10pm)
Smash Time Radio (10pm-1am)

UPDATE: now redirects to the new website at