Thursday, May 29, 2008

Specs One @ BLVD

Seattle graff Legend and all around Keeper of the faith Specsone will be performing at BLVD this friday. If you are unfamiliar with specs he is the guy that was writing graff before many of you were born. He is the guy who can tell you who has held the city down since '82. he is the guy that, well shit he is THE GUY..........

This Friday, May 30, Seattle Nu-Jazz Hop Band Foscil will be performing with Seattles walking Ambassador of Hip Hop Culture, SpecsOne a/k/a the Green Lover. Specs has been burning the underground hiphop sceneand bombing his art in the Seattle area for over 20 years having released music on the Sun City Girls Abduction Label as well as his own self financed projects.

This is the 5th installment of the monthly Residential concert series that Foscil has performed at the gallery

via blvd_flicks

BLVD Gallery
2316 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121