Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nikki Jean on CNN Headline News' News To Me

I just happened to have the tube on CNN Headline News' News To Me show on and who pops up? That's right... Nikki Jean! She's currently on the Glow in the Dark Tour and you probably have heard of her singin the hook on Lupe Fiasco's Hip-Hop Saved My Life track of The Cool album.

The man pictured above, Charles Gilbert, of CNN discovered Nikki Jean as he was on the internets via Lupe Fiasco. He was curious to find out who sung the hook on Intruder Alert. After YouTubing and doing a bit of research, he found Nikki Jean's page on YouTube. You can read the rest of his discovery which became a story on News To Me about Nikki Jean by clicking here! I wish there was a video of the segment that I could find, but have had no luck finding the clip. Below is the video that was the highlight of the story.