Friday, May 23, 2008

Mr. Supreme @ Flea Market Funk

You can click here to shoot on over to Flea Market Funk to download a 15 track mix of 7" and 45s by Supreme La Rock!

This DJ is no stranger to digging, 7″ records, or rare Funk, Soul, Reggae and the like. Coming straight out of Seattle and repping the Pacific Northwest lovely, the DJ formerly known as Mr. Supreme, Supreme La Rock is a guy who knows his shit. In fact, he’s a full time DJ, jet setting around, making real world moves, and supporting the vinyl crack addiction we all are familiar with by rocking clubs across the world. Not only a DJ, but a producer, record label owner, and record collector with a collection of over 50,000 (that’s right I said 50K) records, Preme has been doing it and doing it well for more than a minute.