Friday, April 18, 2008

Grynch @ Seattlest

Is Seattle’s hiphop scene a community? What's it like to be an artist in this city?

I’d definitely say it’s a community. A lot of people want to go on the whole "We need to come together!" thing. But there is a sense of community amongst a lot of the artists. Not everybody can go to that certain level of success. Not everybody is gonna do something like the Blue Scholars are doing. But if you look at them, they've given back tremendously. They’re kinda the first guys through the door with a lot of national exposure, along with Grayskul and Boom Bap, and anyone who wants to criticize them for not giving back, they're crazy.

Look at The Program. They didn't have to put on the rest of the city. The main focus was them, but that's natural. Who else is gonna draw like that? I think within the next couple years you'll see more people gain national exposure. There's a few on the verge right now, and I think that's real exciting. Fuck the whole crabs-in-a-barrel mentality.

There is a sense of division as far as different genres, between backpack and gangster rap. But me personally, I don't see serious problem between people. It’s not like everybody is gonna do the exact same thing at every minute of the day. I see a lot of people on a regular basis, at shows, and there’s obviously a sense of community there. Everyone has lives, and this is the one thing that brings them together. I’m part of that next generation, the younger guys who are trying to do their thing. I’m just like every other artist, trying to contribute something good to the scene. This chicken is really good.

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