Friday, April 18, 2008

Glow In The Dark Tour - 24 Hours Later

So, I think I've finally recovered from the Glow In The Dark Tour that just rolled into Seattle. The show was off the hinges and a memorable one at that. One to tell the grandkids about for sure. I couldn't tell you how many cats were rollin 'round the venue with their shutter shades on. Everyone from the oldest of the old to the youngest of the young were in attendance.

In addition, I've never had floor seats where I was so close to the stage for one of them "stadium status" type concerts. And I'm not talkin no summer jam or jingle ball jam show where they pack in as many 1 hit wonder artists as they can. So, we're 11 rows back and I'm thinkin that this is gonna be a great night. Met up with a few friend, one of which who rolled dolo and he copped himself a ticket as he got to the Key Arena and was seated in the fourth row. My dude A. Tsai was able to snag some images as close as he was and they turned out great!

Walked onto the floor as Lupe Fiasco opened up the show as he ran thru Daydreamin', Superstar, Kick, Push, Go Go Gadget Flow, Fighters and other records alongside Nikki Jean who you'll know from the Hip Hop Saved My Life video that's out right now.

Lupe Fiasco - Superstar featuring Matthew Santos

Nikki Jean - Before the 1st show on the Glow In The Dark Tour

Nikki Jean - After the 1st show on the Glow In The Dark Tour

Next up was Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, and Shay who make up N.E.R.D. In true rock fashion, they smacked the crowd with songs from their previous two albums as well as material from their upcoming release.

N.E.R.D - Call & Response


N.E.R.D - Pharrell Apologizes

Rihanna had the whole crowd goin "ella ella, eh eh eh" as well as singing a string of hits which included Hate That I Love You, Don't Stop The Music, and Shut Up and Drive.

Rihanna - Seattle Shoutout

Rihanna - Umbrella

The headliner, Kanye West finished off the show with a bang! I'll let the evidence speak for itself below. The setlist included the following:
Good Morning
I Wonder
Heard Em Say (Remix)
Through The Wire
Get Em High
Can't Tell Me Nothing
Flashing Lights
Drunk and Hot Girls
All Falls Down
Gold Digger
Good Life
Jesus Walks
Hey Mama
Touch The Sky

Kanye West - Good Morning

Kanye West - Champion

Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing

Kanye West - Jesus Walks

Kanye West - Hey Mama

Kanye West - Stronger

Kanye West - End of Glow In The Dark Show @ Key Arena in Seattle, WA

The show has come and gone. I walked away with a Mr. West t-shirt and it was exciting to get it at the concert even if there was a wait in line as opposed to ordering it online. We were even able to make a quick getaway as we were parked conveniently outside of the arena and behind one of the tour buses that didn't make it into the player's parking area gated within the Key Arena.

Kanye and company will be making a return visit to the Northwest in June when the tour hits the General Motors Place in Vancouver BC as well as Portland, Oregon on a date TBA. With that said, Mr. West, Rihanna, Pharrell, Chad, Shay, Lupe, Matthew or Nikki, if you or anyone in your camp is reading this, can you hook it up +1? I've got June 2nd circled on the calendar! ;-)

videos via nikkijeanproject, buckyanimal, RekaJanel, xxmarkaveLixx, badonkkadonk, pcanda, and Vivian,

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photos via YSL and A. Tsai