Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Flying Coffin: 2 Online Exclusive Tees

Flying Coffin has 2 new tee's found exclusively on their website. You have your pick of two designs in two colorways. The first shirt is the Bolts and comes in black or white. The second offering is called Mediocre Times and you have your choice of white or black.

2 new online exclusive tees have been added to the store section. first off weve got a new variant of the classic bolts design. this tee features a hand mixed and pulled gradient in the star circle. most gradient tees you guys see are the result of a separation process and usually totally suck. all of our gradient prints here at flying coffin are painstakingly hand mixed and pulled by the print geniuses at luxe riot. next up weve got a tee that pretty much sums up how i and hopefully a lot of you feel about the current state of just about everything. only 30 pieces of each tee were printed so get them while you can.