Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Evo, Kanye West & Pharrell Williams

So, a lot of sh!t is goin down today. Traffic is gonna be hellish, and there's already been sightings of Kanye West and Pharrell Williams who are in town for the Glow in The Dark Tour which I'll be headed out for earrly! In addition, the Mexico vs. China futbol (soccer) game is gonna be played at Qwest Field tonight. I can only imagine how many of the cool kids in the town will be rockin the Kanye shutter shades. I'll try and keep a mental count and report back tomorrow.

On to the sightings! Kanye was shopping at American Apparel and I'm guessing he was at the Capitol Hill location while Pharrell Williams was gettin his eat on at BOKA on 1st Avenue.

With that said, there's a little something for those who aren't goin to any of the aforementioned events tonight. Evo is having a crazy sale in Fremont. Based on the wording, sounds like there's no tax as to "keep it simple" as they say. Do not fret though, for those who aren't able to make it, the sale lasts 'til Sunday!

We like to keep it simple. This sale is no exception with flat rate pricing on sale clothing in our gallery. All sale jeans are $20. All t-shirts are $5. It couldn’t be simpler. Sale starts today and ends this Sunday 4/20. Last Saturday we thought spring was officially here and this week reminded us we shouldn’t get too excited for sunny weather. Cover all your bases at the evo flat rate clothing sale. Adidas, WESC, Billabong, Fallen, Creative Recre8tion, Ezekiel, Lifetime Collective, Artful Dodger and tons more!

spotted on 206Proof via AB