Saturday, April 12, 2008

Busta Rhymes Lashes Out At Journalists

Busta Rhymes rips a new one for a room full of journalists who don't take a liking to his upcoming album at a listening party. First spotted on Complex via NahRight, but was able to track down the direct link since Busta's label, Interscope Records, asked them to remove the audio. Click here to download and listen for yourself. If that ends up being removed, press the play button below. Jimmy Iovine can not stop the internets! Or maybe he wants to make it appear that way in order to build hype around this release. Who knows now a days, right?

---tape start---

"I'm intuitive man, I react to that...

We in here is vibin, man we in here playin music and we vibin, when we in the club, and we not on this work sh!t, y'all aggins you see me, we drink, we give a pound, we fcukin... grabbin b!tches and all that. Y'all aggins in here on some fcuk shit and I'm not havin it, I'm not havin it!

Ya undastand? So if y'all aggins gonna continue to do that let... leave!


I'm good, my money is long aggin
Ya hear me?
It's long my aggin.
I got enough money to feed my children's children's children children
(brief laugh)
The fcuk you aggins doin in here?
Y'all not gonna do that in here, ya undastand?

17 years aggin!
I don't neeeeed your confirmation to know that!
Don't need your confirmation!
Y'all aggins can BOUNCE!

Don't come in my room with that
Smile for me!"

---tape end---

I don't think BUSTA is smilin now.