Monday, April 7, 2008

Bun B Show Reviews & Interview

This past Friday, Bun B was back in Seattle after a matter of months from the last time he visited. Back then it was with Swizz Beatz for the Zune Takeover 2 party at the War Room. This go around he showed up dolo backed by Zune for their "On The Road" initiative where they provide promotional support for an artist as they tour the country. Most notably, each artist is provided with a vinyl wrapped tour bus. Dyme Def hosted this event at Neumos with local artists, Framework, and D. Black of Sportn' Life Records opening up the evening. The show was thrown by Soul Gorilla with support from Jeepney Clothing.

Larry Mizell of The Stranger has a review of what he experienced as well as Katelyn Hackett of Seattlest. In addition, Bun B stopped by the KUBE 93 studios to record an insightful interview with DJ Hyphen and J. Moore of Sunday Night Sound Session to be aired on their weekly show. Read and hear more about what you missed out on.

Throwed by Larry Mizell, Jr. of The Stranger

Throwed (usually pronounced thode) is Houston slang that means, among other things- tight, cool, partytime excellent! That would best describe last night’s Bun B x Framework x D.Black show at Neumos. Throwed also means drunk, gone, slizzard- that would best describe me at last night’s Bun B x Framework x D.Black show at Neumos.
Our Review of Bun B, Framework at Neumos by Katelyn Hackett of Seattlest
Into gangsta rap and the club scene? Frequent mentions of certain lady-parts, an ostentatious tour bus dominating 10th and Pike, and the flashy, dressed-up crowd would have sated your appetite. But there was more to the show than that. Bun B's a professional, the real deal; better yet, he's a grown-up with good taste in visual spectacle and a finely-tuned ear for the perfect hook.
Bun B Interview by DJ Hyphen & J. Moore of KUBE 93 Sunday Night Sound Session [Audio]
On the 206Proof forum, ptroy pointed out a funny part of the interview where DJHyphen mentioned something he wasn't supposed to around the 5 minute 30 second mark. Especially since the tour was sponsored by Zune. Bun B calmly responds with, "no... don't say that... it's just my phone." Around the 26 minute 55 second mark, Bun B throws in a shout for the Zune player as he talks about what he's listening to now. Take a listen and you'll see what I mean.

ptroy: "I had to laugh at the ___-phone slip up though. ZUNE!"

DJHyphen: "hahaha, i felt bad i put him on blast..."