Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blogs Is Watching Cracks the Top 30

To my surprise, Blogs Is Watching is listed as one of the Top "Urban" Blogs according to I don't like for the BiW blog to be too categorized, but hey, we appreciate the mention and will continue to strive for exellence. If anything, Blogs Is Watching is a site that posts things that moves us and on items we like to keep an eye on. Basically things we think are cool and that you may be interested in as well. Should be fun to see if we make the list next month! In the meantime, check out the other blogs that made the list by clicking here. A few of my favorites that I frequent are on the list.

So here is the list we feel are the most important in the urban blogosphere right now and how they stack up against one another. You might not see your favorite on this list and that’s cause we wanted to make this a list that showcases the best blogs that are fully owned and could run as a business. Now don’t take these number so seriously they are an estimate based on several factors that has put together. But it’s fun to see which sites are really making some moves and others that could be doing much better.