Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baby Loves Hip Hop Presents The Dino 5

The Dino 5 (left to right) Prince Paul (DJ Stegosaurus), Scratch (Teo Pterodacytl), Wordsworth (Billy Brontosaurus), Ladybug Mecca (Tracy Triceratops), and Chali 2na (MC T-Rex)

Hip-Hop love the kids! Prince Paul has brought together a number of artists to bring dinosaurs to children. spotted on ProHipHop

Hall of fame hip-hop producer Prince Paul teams up with some of rap music’s most celebrated mcs to create a prehistoric, preschool musical masterpiece. Part book on tape (narrated by Grammy winning poet Ursula Rucker), part Broadway show (The story was just optioned by Pablo Piccasso!) the cd takes kids (and parents) on a musical journey that tells the story of 5 best dino friends that come together to teach key life lessons and have fun.