Monday, March 24, 2008

Xola Malik (Kid Sensation) Interview

Kid Sensation has an interview up on Wake Your Daughter Up. He now goes by Xola pronounced "cola". I had a friend back in college who was working on some tracks with this Seattle hip-hop pioneer. She was telling me that Xola was producing music for her. I thought to myself, "Who the fcuk is Xola?" She later said that he once was Kid Sensation and I automatically remembered Seatown Funk being on the evening countdown on KUBE 93. It must've been since the 90's since I last heard his music on the radio. Xola made an appearance at the 2006 Bumbershoot show with Common Market which was the last time I saw this cat live. Below is an excerpt from the interview conducted by WYDU. Click here for the full read.

W: People tend to overlook the whole Northwest region when it comes to hip hop. I know you are pretty instrumental in the history of hip hop in Seattle,
how did Hip Hop come to be in Seattle?

X: I was definitely one of the ones to help put Seattle on the map and make that happen, but to be honest, Seattle always had a nice little hip hop scene bubbling on the underground. You know how Texas or Atlanta had their own defined sound, well Seattle didn't really have that. LA had a particular sound back in
those days, you know with the bass and electro thing and New York had that
gritty and uncut flavor. Seattle had just a variety of different sounds. You can tell we are influenced by a lot of different musical influences. Now some guys are starting to make some noise developing a unique 206 sound. Don't sleep on 253 either, Tacoma is really doing their thing as well.

W: Who exactly made up that crew in the early days? You always heard names being dropped on the albums and such.
X: It was myself, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Maharaji, and a cat named Attitude Adjuster. We were the main four. There were other dudes he mentioned on tracks, like PLB, DJ Punish, MC Fury, E-Dawg, Strange and a lot of cats that he had around him that were a part of the influence on how his sound developed and how it became. So yeah, there were a lot of cats that helped him become who he is.