Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wizdom in the Seattle Weekly

Kevin Capp over at the Seattle Weekly covers Wizdom and talks a bit about new music from the forthcoming album that drops in late Spring/early Summer. Check the excerpt below and then click here for the full article.

However, all of this honesty stuff seems like some left-field shit when you first meet Wiz. He cuts an imposing figure, like a shorter Fat Joe, complete with a heavy head shorn of most of its hair and shoulders that could carry a family of four. Thing is, for all his physical heft, the dude is sensitive. Not in a cries-during-Bambi way, but like a nerve ending forever flicked, aware of the bane and pain of everyday existence. Macklemore, whose studio served as ground zero for Wiz's 2007 debut, Book of Wizdom, says that Wiz knows "it's important to be personal and to also address music and a social context." But, he adds, "He doesn't take himself too seriously."