Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tacoma Says "No" to E-40 Concert

This past week, Rottweiler Records and their suppporters held a rally protesting the City of Tacoma for shuttin them down in promoting the E-40 show at the Pantages Theatre. Below are video clips that have been posted documenting the rally as they explain their efforts despite following all the procedures and making necessary payments paid in full in their power to bring a hip-hop show to Tacoma. Bill 2712 is also mentioned as something that the city feels would curb gang violence that would stem supposedley from a hip-hop show. What do you think?

Rottweiler Records Speaks with Keith Tucker
Part 1

Rottweiler Records Speaks with Keith Tucker
Part 2

Rottweiler Records Rally

March 14, 2008
CONTACT: Coalition of Citizens for Justice – Priest Amen - 206-355-3452
Rottweiler Records - Tracy Miller -253-472-6316


When the Tacoma police and city officials were unable to associate E40 with a gang, they unsuccessfully attempted to find a gang affiliation with the other artists scheduled to perform. They cancelled the show because they want to prove WA State has a serious gang problem and to pass the Anti Gang Bill 2712.

Rottweiler Records had their Hip Hop show set with major recording artist E -40, it was going to be their album release event that they had been planning and working on for Months. This concert was paid in full and they were welcomed as part of the diversify of the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts and the city of Tacoma.

When the police became involved they claimed “that we needed extra security and a exurban amount money to pay for security, we came up with the money and they still cancelled the show” Tracy Miller Rottweiler Records

The city would also like you to believe that gang violence is on the rise. They want to instill this fear in everyone to stop the growth of the urban culture. The real reason might be due to the fact that the upcoming anti gang bill has 9 million dollars allocated to POLICE department anti gang units and no money going to programs that create outlets and education for youth (real prevention).

The state would have you believe that it is concerned about alleviating the issues and circumstances that cause gang behavior, but in reality the lawmakers are only concerned about locking more people up. Make no mistake about it, the way that Tacoma law officials are overreacting and blackballing E40 will become the norm, and more and more of our youth will find themselves behind bars if bill 2712 passes.

Also former gang members that have participated in the Gateways Program, a gang intervention program at Evergreen College stated that “we should focus on education and prevention instead of police and suppression”.

NON VIOLENT PROTEST TODAY: We invite you to join us at 4:30 on 9th and Broadway in Tacoma as hold our peace rally. Come support your local artists and show the city that the hip hop culture does not bring violence. Hip Hop is performing art with just as much significance as the nutcracker, or the symphony orchestra. It is just our way of expressing it.


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