Friday, March 28, 2008

Macklemore Interview @ Seattlest

Macklemore recently got back from a European stint performing a number of dates. He sat down with Katelyn Hackett over at Seattlest for a little interview. Find out 'bout his love for shoes, the direction he's going with his music, being a local celebrity, and his favorite sammich shop. You know the drill. Click here for the full read!

What's it like to perform, and to perform the same songs so frequently?It’s a nervewracking thing, getting up there. And it should be! It should be. You should be getting those anxious butterflies. If you’re not getting those, you’re not doing your job right. You want o walk out there thinking, “This is exciting, this is new, who knows what’s gonna happen in this moment…” You don’t wanna go out there going, “this is exactly what I’m gonna do, this is all laid out, I have a perfect picture of how this is gonna go.” I did so many shows for Language of My World, and there were times where I was doing the same sets most of the time, maybe a slightly different order. But you gotta always be thinking of new things to do. That’s a crucial aspect of performance.

Everybody can rap, everyone can learn the lyrics and do a good job, but there’s relatively few people who can get on stage and really engage the crowd. How do you engage the crowd? How do you give people an experience outside of just going to another hiphop show? I want to give people an experience where they connect with the message and the music. You have to find meaning in the words you’ve written. It’s hard, some of these songs I’ve performed hundreds of times, and how do you connect to a song you’ve performed and listened to hundreds of times?

You have to look into the audience and find the people who are hearing it for the
first time, or maybe the song changed their life in a small or even insignificant way. Who knows? That’s something I really strive for. That’s extremely powerful. It’s like meditation or yoga. You can be just in a certain pose and in your head be having sex off in Utah, or you can really be in the moment and breathing into it, thinking about it. That’s what makes your presence on stage.