Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jin - Fill In The ______.

Remember this guy? If not, it's Jin formerly of Ruff Ryders and most notably known for his wins on BET's 106 & Park Freestyle Friday. The dude managed to reincarnate himself and stay relevant, at least to his super delegates (fans). He's been able to feed his cult like following of supporters with yet another movement in the works. Below are videos of him answering questions from his fans as well as a new song called Fill In The Blanks.

I like this new song 'cause it involves the listener by asking them to fill in the blank in a simple call and response type banter. Jin has always been able to connect to his fan base and this track gives them reason to look forward his upcoming album called Birthdays, Funerals and Things in Between. This time it looks like he's in for the win! You can check out his new MySpace page by clicking here. Spotted on Hip Hop Update.

Jin For The Win

Fill In The ______.