Saturday, March 1, 2008

JAM Awards Presented by Current

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2007 JAM Awards Presented by Current

The JAM awards were held on November 29th at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. They were the first awards in the hip-hop community to recognize social responsibility. The event honored the late Jam Master Jay’s life (RUN DMC) and legacy and his efforts to promote social Justice, Arts and Music (J.A.M.) worldwide (awards were given in each of these categories).

Current Television partnered with the creators of the JAM awards and the JMJ foundation in order to provide in depth coverage of the event. Several artists who performed also provided in depth interviews that ighlighted positivity in the hip-hop community, the importance of giving back, and support of Jam Master Jay’s legacy. Raekwon (of the Wu Tang Clan), Dead Prez, Jim Jones, LL Cool J, De La Soul, Mobb Deep, EPMD, Dj Kool Herc, DMC, Papoose, Russell Simmons and several others are all featured in behind stage interviews.

This is not your standard Awards show coverage. It is a blend of hip-hop history documentary, stellar award show performance, and a showcase of the biggest names in the business supporting a hip hop pioneers legacy.
JAM Awards World Premiere

Welcome to the first annual JAM Awards - a celebration of Justice, Art, and Music!
Part 1:
Current Host Anthony Marshall is back in New York City to celebrate the memory of Jam Master Jay and ongratulate the people in the hip-hop community who have lived his legacy after his passing.
JAM Awards: Justice

Part 2:
The JAM award for Social Justice is given to Chuck D of Public Enemy for his role in pioneering a side of hip-hop music that confronted social and political issues through music. Once a protege of Jam Master Jay, Chuck D has in turn taken on a guiding role and paved the way for artists that use hip hop in similar ways. One such artist is Dead Prez, a rapping duo that present, perform and break down their take on what the J in JAM means for them.
JAM Awards: War & Peace

Part 3:
Jam Master Jay was able to connect with a diverse group of people through hip-hop. Run DMC's wide scope of success gave hip-hop music a chance to unify people through a common love. Mobb Deep and De La Soul help
prove how two artists with distinctly different sounds are able to connect with a broad audience. Mobb Deep's Prodigy and De La Soul explain and perform in this episode.
JAM Awards: Roots

Part 4:
Anthony Marshall takes us down the red carpet and backstage to ask the stars who Jam Master Jay was to them. Hear from Kid Capri, Papoose, Snoop Dogg, Rev Run, Q-Tip, Jim Jones and more. Then LL Cool J and EPMD rock the stage together, performing a Run DMC classic, Rampage.
JAM Awards: The Art

Part 5:
In this episode of the JAM Awards we take a look at the A in JAM, which stands for Arts. Host Anthony Marshall checks in with Kaves, renowned graffiti artist and founder of the Jam Foundation. Freddie Foxxx and Q-Tip give out the JAM Award for Arts accomplishment to Lee Quinones and Everlast performs a tribute to Run DMC and Jam Master Jay.
JAM Awards: The Kids

Part 6:
The Jam Master Jay legacy still lives strong in the heart of rappers like Papoose and in the minds of the students at Andrew Jackson High School. Current host Anthony Marshall goes backstage and to the principles office to find out more about how Jay's legacy has affected the community.
JAM Awards: The Music

Part 7:
The M in JAM Awards stands for Music. In this episode the award for music is given out to Wyclef Jean for his contribution to social causes. Then, host Anthony Marshall interviews Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon backstage before his live performance of C.R.E.A.M.
JAM Awards: Snoop

Part 8:
The JAM Awards comes to a close with a headlining performance from Snoop Dogg with a special guest. Host Anthony Marshall wraps things up with Darryl McDaniels, Kaves, and others as this year's ceremony comes to an