Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dance This 2007: Hip Hop "Orchestrate the Groove"

More videos of "Dance This...2007" performances can be found on the Seattle Theatre Group YouTube page. Click here for more. This two-day event was held on July 6-7, 2007.

(Description from Dance This 2007 Program)

Performed by DANCE this... Company Dancers selected by audition

Choreographer: Napoleon & Tabitha D’umo, assisted by Daniel Cruz

Dancers: Katrina Freitag, Alex Jackson, Sebastian Jackson, Byanka Larkins, Jennifer Ann Loyet, Ashaunti Martin, Dwayne Parker, Charles Simmons, Jimmy Shields, Skye Stoury, Lael Telles, Talitha Thurston, Kristiana Waxham, Samantha Whidby and Pamela Yasutake(company manager)

Music: Orchestrate the Groove - Remixed by Napoleon & Tabitha D’umo