Thursday, March 20, 2008

CultureMob Talks Blogs Is Watching

Everyday, I usually go thru my morning routine of checking emails, surfing the net, and peeping out blogs out there on the internets. One of them is a website called CultureMob which is a Seattle-based startup. It's a site that lists events that are happening within the greater Seattle area. Through a proprietary technology they've developed, the site suggest events that fit your interests. I was first introduced to CultureMob back in December by Chris who is the co-founder. Since then, I've been following them just as much as they've followed me.

The homie, Cedric (Artists and Communities Manager), posted a blog this morning about Blogs Is Watching and I've gotta say that you're too kind my friend. In the spirit of DJ Khaled, I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm the best (appreciate the love though), but Seatown is the best! "Who? We! We the best!" You got one thing right though, if blogging wasn't fun for me, I wouldn't be doing it. I most certainly am excited by the local hip-hop scene which motivates me to post as frequently as I do. In that way, hip-hop has saved my life.

So, for those who does the hip-hop thang, holler (contact info on upper left hand side), and let me know of what you're doing. I'll most likely talk about you, but of course, only if I feel your sh!t. No hate 'round here, just a SOYGNH, if I don't dig your steez.