Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blue Scholars on Format Magazine

The Blue Scholars are featured in Format Magazine. Tone, a photographer, was flown out to kick it with BS and the Massline crew over a two day period. Click here for the article and to view the photos, press here.

Geo and I talked about the “conscious” rap thing and I asked him if he felt this was misleading. He replied “sometimes”. See, Geo is also a battle MCEE. In fact, that’s how he started, but he admits that working with Sabzi (Producer/DJ for both Common Market and Blue Scholars) has brought out another side of him. Sabzi’s music is heavily melodic with big boom bap drums and by Hip Hop standards, very complex arrangements. He has beat the likes of Marco Polo in beat battles and after listening to the newest unreleased Common Market CD I fully understand why. No wonder he inspires the cats he works with to soar, he is on a whole nother’ level himself.