Monday, February 25, 2008

Hay Fam Show: Episode 1-3

Hay Fam Show Preview

Episode 1 - Rickey Kim of Evil Monito

This episode was originally meant for another purpose but the content came out so good we had to use it for our premiere. Rickey has an amazing story starting Evil Monito out of his dorm room in UCSD. He is a
writer and a PR genius and resides in Los Angles, California.

Episode 2 - Raymond Roker of URB Magazine

Raymond Roker is the President and founder of Urb Magazine. From humble beginnings as a graffiti writer and Dj he has published great editorial for fashion, music and events for over 150 issues.

Episode 3 - Josh Madden, Stylist

We shot this in early December in New York. It was mad cold but from the beginning I knew Josh Madden’s story must be told. I met Josh on an earlier trip to NY and I was amazed by his passion for not only styling but living a meaningful life. Met some great people on this shoot including the unfadeable Jimmy of Trash & Vaudeville, Producer and DJ- Junior Sanchez and the beautiful Sarah aka Ultragrrrl the founder of Stolen Transmisson Records.
h/t Mr. Kim Says