Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nasty-Nes Video Archive

Seattle legend Nasty-Nes has dropped some serious gems on to the internets that I'm sure most Seatown heads can appreciate. Just click play and enjoy the following! Commentary by Nasty-Nes prior to the videos.

Seattle Lowrider Pioneers - June 4, 1983

Here are Seattle's 1st Lowriders: Nasty-Nes, Ihab G., Philip L., Stanley, Ed, Wilson, Marcey & Jeff (Mixed Company) & more! Filmed at Seattle's Seward Park this was a short film documentary hosted by Ben Batayola. So whenever I hear The Jonzun Crew "Space Cowboy" & WAR "Lowrider" I flashback to June 4, 1983 cruisin' Low & Slow!

Sir Mix-A-Lot "IRON MAN"
In the early days of Hip-Hop & after Run DMC dropped "Rock Box" Mix-A-Lot wanted to capture that vibe by using Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" riff on this single. The single didn't make a lot of noise then but 20 years later I think new heads will appreciate what Mix did to a classic cut! This was our 1st video & boy did I have a blast on set!

This is the single I told Mix that radio & video would support cuz every city has a B'dway & heads were into the booming bass system. I also wrote the beginning & ending of the video based on my true life experience with KFOX when the new owners fired me in 1988 for playing Rap music. Seattle's Broadway was to be in the mid 80's for cruzin', Club Broadway & eating at Dicks!

Sir Mix-A-Lot "BEEPERS"
Before we had a BlackBerry, Sidekicks or SkyTel, there was SkyPager. You're OLD SCHOOL if you had a Beeper thru SkyPager! I played SkyPager in this video & "Beepers" is one of my favorite Mix-A-Lot singles. Aiight, hit me on the hip & press PLAY!

NASTYMIX Records Video Press Release
A behind the scenes look as Sir Mix-A-Lot & I take a look at our career highlighted on Yo MTV Raps, Casey Kasem American Top 40, Dance Party USA, "Iron Man" video shoot & more! Oh & find out what SWASS stands for too. Press PLAY & enjoy!

High Performance "Do You Really Want To Party?"
High Performance was a group based outta Tacoma, WA.. They were well known for their dancing skills & blending that with emceeing, "Do You Really Want To Party?" put T-Town on the map. We even got KCThe Sunshine band to do a cameo in the video since the hook is from an original KC & The Sunshine band track. I'll never forget picking up KC at the airport & driving him to his hotel trippin' out that the guy who did, "Get Down Tonight' a huge 70's hit was sittin' in my Caddy! Bay Area's legendary DJ, Cameron Paul ended up doing a remix on one of his Mix-Itt vinyls. Filmed at Scoochies! Anyone remember that spot?

1988 KOMO FrontRunners f/ Sir Mix-A-Lot & Nasty-Nes
Aired on Seattle's KOMO TV back on February 6, 1988, Steve Pool's show "Front Runners" was a weekly show spotlighting local talent. Sportin' Gazelle's, Troop & Fila's were the in thing in '88.

Before "Baby Got Back" fame, this piece shows Sir Mix-A-Lot's true dedication to our city of Seattle. While Mix & I also made noise on Seattle's 1250 KFOX as shown on this video, this shows the world that what you believe & conceive, you can achieve! Seattle is NOW on the Hip-Hop map.

Nasty-Nes DJ'ing New Years Eve 1989
Just about every year in the mid 80's to early 90's, both Ed Locke & I threw the BIGGEST New Year Eve parties at Seattle's Butcher Atrium. This one event I found in my storage. Ed designed the set, sound & visual effects & I dj'd & rocked the crowd while bringing in the New Year. This year was Dec 31, 1989 & goin into 1990. I sure miss dj'ing those parties. Maybe one year I'll head back to Seattle & throw another New Years eve party! Stay tuned...

Nasty-Nes & DJ B-Mello Seattle '94 RCA/BMG
Back in 1994, DJ B-Mello & I were asked to be the opening act for Seattle's RCA/BMG convention. SWV, Wu-Tang, Kam, Mobb Deep were ALL about to drop their new singles & all about to become classics here in 2008! Right before Clint Black hit the stage, you will see B-Mello on the wheels & I on the mic on stage doin what we do best & introducing to the audience the new R&B/Hip-Hop singles about to drop in the '94 on RCA/BMG...

Nasty-Nes in "SCRATCH MERCHANTS" 1995
This was my first try as an actor. "Scratch Merchants (based on a true comic book) was an independent film starring Cynthia Geary best known for her hit show, "Northern Exposure." The story line was about a group of friends who are all tatoo artists who goes to the extreme to practice their skills on dead bodies! Filmed back in 1995 in Seattle, this was the movie that kicked off my acting career! 3 years later after I moved to Los Angeles I appeared in "House Party 4," "Purgatory House" & "Kung Pow! Enter The Fist." I'm still going on acting auditions & will one day star in a TV show or a motion picture.