Wednesday, January 30, 2008

FREE Skis from EVO with Purchase of Outerwear

It pays to be on the Evo mailing list. Peep what I just got in my inbox today. Be sure to click here to get them free skis!

Another exclusive hookup only for you lucky people on the evo email list.

Nothing gets the economy back on its feet like a little nudge from the Federal Reserve and evo. The government may be cutting us all checks, but evo's cutting you the hottest deal around: FREE SKIS.

Here's the details:

- Purchase over $200 of outerwear on

- either Men's or Women's or a combo of the two.

- Call our Customer Care "Super Hookup" agents at 1.866.386.1590.

- Give Customer Care your order number which you'll receive
during check out and via email.

- Tell them which of the above skis you'd like and what length you're looking for.

- All you pay is the shipping ($20 to $40 to Canada).

Boycott the recession, go skiing.

K2 Mach GS Team Skis
K2 Mach SL Race Skis
K2 T9 First Luv Skis
K2 T9 Sweet Luv Skis